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BSA Camps Outside of Texas 2015 (pdf)
Camping in Texas (pdf)
Covid Camping Guidelines 2020 (website)
Dutch Oven Cookbook from Troop 93 (pdf)
Dutch Oven Tips and Tricks (pdf)
Elements of a Great Campfire Program 2017 (pdf)
How Not to Cancel a Campout (pdf)
State Parks Near Austin (pdf)
Where to Go Camping Guide 2005 (pdf)
Winter Camping in Texas (pdf)

Character Development

Cyberchip and the Dangers of Cyberbullying 2017 (pdf)
Religious Emblem Presentation 2016 (pdf)

Event Forms

Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist 2022 (pdf)
Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist 2021 (pdf)
Parent Commitment to Transport Form (pdf)
BSA Medical Forms 2019 (pdf)


Den Chief Presentation (pdf)
Den Leader Materials 2015 (pdf)
How the Thunderbird District Works 2017 (pdf)
How Unit Commissioners Can Help You 2015 (pdf)
Patrol Method 2016 (pptx)
Patrol Method Refresher 2016 (pdf)


Cubs Join Scouting Night

Join Scouting Night 2017 (pdf)
JSN Tri-fold Board Creation Tips 2017 (pptx)
JSN Example Annual Calendar (docx)
JSNĀ  Rotational Model Lessons Learned 2017 (pdf)
Bring a Buddy Recruiting (pdf)

BSA New Scout Recruitment

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Troop (pdf)
Castaway Adventure 2017 from Troop 448 (pdf)
New Scout Callup Image 2017 from Troop 78 (jpg)
Webelos Recruitment Flyer 2021 from Troop 505 (pdf)
Webelos Invitational 2017 from Troop 61 (pdf)
Webelos Invitational 2015 from Troop 61 (pdf)

Participatory Citizenship Presentation (pdf)
Hurricane Recovery Opportunities 2017 (pdf)
Outdoor Ethics Presentation 2015 (pdf)
Report to State Parade 2016 (pdf)
Report to State Parade 2017 (pdf)

Other District Materials

BSA Unit Websites (pdf)
Creating a Unit Discipline Policy 2017 (pdf)
Digital Merit Badge Pamphlets Tutorial 2015 (pdf)
Popcorn Show and Sell Tips 2015 (pdf)
Road Trips in Central Texas for Scouts (pdf)

Helpful BSA Resources

Disabilities Awareness – Serving Scouts With Disabilities (website)
Policies, Guidelines, and Model Plans (website)
Shooting Sports Program FAQs (website)
Advancement Educational Presentations (website)

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