New Cub Program Training

Want to get the latest information about the new Cub Scout program changes, and maybe ask a question of the guy in charge of Cub Scouting nationwide? Attend our “Cub Scout Update: An evening of Burgers with Berger” program on Thursday, April 25, from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Fickett Center. National Cub Scout Director Anthony Berger will present and answer your questions. There is no charge to attend, and we’ll provide dinner (burgers – get it?). Volunteer Program Ranger Shea Goltzman will be there to tell you about our council’s exciting menu of Cub events happening in the 2024-2025 school year. This evening will help you understand how the new updates will not only provide easier programing but also help recruiting and retention of youth and adults! Click here to RSVP so the Council will know how many burgers to make.

Local Training

Baloo training is available April 12-13 in north San AntonioMay 4-5 near Temple, and May 16-17 in Bastrop.

Online Training

Required Basic Training

All required courses are at no cost.

Youth Protection Training provides the Boy Scouts of America’s policies and procedures to protect its members from child abuse.  Training is valid for 2 years.

Fast Start Training covers the basics of scouting.  There is a specific course for each leadership role such as Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Tiger Cub DL & ADL, Wolf/Bear DL & ADL, Webelos DL & ADL, and Pack Committee.

This Is Scouting gives greater detail about the values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting.

New Leader Specific Training goes into greater detail about your specific leadership position (ie. Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster,Tiger Cub DL & ADL, Wolf/Bear DL & ADL, Webelos DL & ADL, Pack Committee).

See link to find out what makes a Trained Leader.

Additional Leader Training

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO):  This training is in addition to Cub Scout Leader Specific Training and is REQUIRED by BSA for Cub Scout overnight camping.  This course teaches leaders what is necessary to comply with rules on Cub camping and helps them to conduct a safe and fun campout. Topics include activity planning, Cub cooking, equipment, first aid, safety, and permits. The course includes practical ideas to make your next campout safe and memorable. The next Baloo training is 17 to 18 November, 2023.

Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills (OWLS):  This is your opportunity to take part in an enjoyable outdoor learning experience and discover what the “outing” in Webelos Scouting is all about! Webelos Leader Outdoor Training presents ‘how to’ in planning and conducting successful Webelos Den parent/son overnight campouts and other Webelos outdoor activities. It reinforces – but does not duplicate – what you learned in Webelos Leader Specific Training. This course provides a “hands-on” learning experience in camping and outdoor skills as done by Webelos Dens. We also show you creative and fun ways to teach outdoor skills to your Webelos and fulfill requirements for the Outdoor Group of activity badges. Training also includes the elements for BALOO certification, so you need not sign up for BALOO training. See calendar for course dates. The next IOLS training is 17 to 18 November, 2023.

Other Training Resources

See the Adult Leaders page on the national website for a wealth of information for new & existing leaders.


  • If you have taken the required training in the previous year and your position has not changed, then no additional training is required.   However, if you have changed positions (eg.  Tiger Cub Den Leader -> Wolf Cub Den Leader, then the only required training to be considered a ‘Trained’ leader is the New Leader Specific Training.   However, our District Training coordinator is recommending the online course This Is Scouting as it is a great review.
  • If you are a registered leader, you will have a BSA ID#.  Please enter this number in your profile at to have your online training associated with your BSA ID #.   With this association in place, your training will be recognized in the Council / District training reports.
  • If you are unable to attend the course (New Leader Specific, BALOO, WLOT) dates scheduled by the Thunderbird District, consider attending these courses hosted by other districts.   See the announcements on the home page under Training Updates for other course dates.