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2018 Thunderbird District “Medieval” Weekend

2018 Thunderbird District “Medieval” Weekend

April 13th – 15th


Early Registration  – $15.00 Until March 23, 2018
Registration – $20.00 until April 9, 2018

Once again the staff is inviting you to an adventure!  We are calling our Lords and
Ladies that are Boy Scouts, Teams, Posts, Crews and Ships to come and
participate in a medieval weekend!

We have chosen a nice secluded Council Camp near Giddings, TX.  Camp Alma McHenry (see map at Alma McHenry Map), which consists of over 200 acres.

For younger scouts, this will be a chance not only to compete for the honor of their unit, but also to fulfill rank requirements in some areas!  More experienced scouts who are 14 and older are invited to join the backcountry program to explore distant areas of Alma McHenry and take on bigger challenges!

Note: To participate in backcountry each scout will need to be 14 or older, with a prepared backpack that contains all their gear, lots of water, their own backpacking food, and cooking equipment.

Download Schedule:  DAW 2018 Schedule

To register for this event, you’ll need to know the ranks of those scouts you are registering, whether they plan to participate in the Front-country or the Backcountry. Once registered you will receive a spreadsheet in which you can add all of your attendees up to a week before the event.

After registration is complete you will receive a download from Dylan Desai via email. Please read this document carefully as we are changing our registration process. In the download you will have a parking pass document; please put your unit number on this pass and display it in EVERY VEHICLE that will be staying at camp. You will also find a map to the camp and registration guidelines.

As with everything scouting, safety is key! Please make sure to have current BSA ‘A’ and ‘B’ medical forms complete and in alphabetical order by last name to have a smoother check in on Friday evening. You are asked to make sure that all of your backcountry and front-country attendees are recorded in the spreadsheet a week before the event. When you arrive you will be given a campsite and a time-slot for check-in. It is during this time-slot that we expect the Scoutmaster (or Adult in Charge) and SPL to come and check-in.

At check-in, Scoutmaster (or Adult in Charge) and SPL will be required to meet with staff and turn in a complete list of all attendees (front & back country), a BSA Annual Health and Medical record for all attendees (parts ‘A’ & ‘B’), and proof of current YPT for each adult (this can be a copy YPT training cards, and/or a print out of the “YPT Aging Report” sorted by last name). No unit will be checked in without both the Scoutmaster (or Adult in Charge) and SPL present.

If you need further information please email:

Youths in Charge:

  •        Dylan Desai (
  •        Brandon Hobza (

Adults in Charge:

  •        Ian Haggard: (
  •        Keri Steen (

See you soon!

(Staff register at )