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Category: 2016 Topics

November 2016 Roundtable Materials

Our 3rd Annual Dutch Oven Tasting event was held at the Thunderbird Roundtable.  Big “thanks” to Troop 93 who graciously provided some of the tastiest Dutch Oven dishes (and recipes) for everyone there.  We also had a presentation on handling Scouts with unique dietary requirements, and food safety issues. Thanks to all for making this another fantastic Roundtable meeting.




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Sept 2016 Roundtable Materials

Thanks to everyone who attended our September Roundtable meeting.  We had a great break-out session on Rechartering, and a fantastic discussion on creating a Den Chief program for your Pack and Troop.  In addition, we talked about staffing opportunities for next year’s National Jamboree.

As promised, here are the materials presented last night (PDF format):




April 2016 Roundtable Materials

Thanks to everyone who came to our April Roundtable meeting.  We had a really fun discussion of great places to camp, in Texas – for all of the Scouting programs.  We also enjoyed some interactive games for Boy Scouts.  For Cub Scouts, we built some terrific styrofoam paper plate airplanes (see instructions, below) – these can also be used for the Aviation Merit Badge.  We also talked about the District Pinewood Derby proposal.




Texas State Parks-Near Austin



OA-Where to Go Camping Guide 2005



January 2016 Roundtable

Thanks to all who joined us for the January 2016 Roundtable meeting!  We enjoyed an evening of fun, and lots of information.  Our “Big Rock” topics included Scouting religious emblems (in time for Scout Sunday), the 2016 Report to State Parade, Canoeing opportunities, Swamp Base in Louisiana (fun!), and how to hold a great Blue & Gold Banquet.

As promised, here are all of the presentations (PDF format) and links that were discussed at the meeting:





Awards Central – list of numerous awards that can be earned in Scouting, along with requirements

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