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Flag Day Flag etiquette
Good Turn Digital version of the “Good Turn coin”
Path To Eagle Requirements, note-­‐taking for each rank, merit badge requirements
BSA Handbook First digital version of the official Scout Handbook
US Flag (Knowledgebook) Flag etiquette
Backpacker GPS Trails Pro version allows offline apps for $4.99
Bugle Boy Bugle calls
Camp Recipes! 700+ camper-­‐tested recipes
Camp Scout! For Boy’s Life Lists nearest BSA properties, activities at each site
Campfire Songs 200 songs, choose by tune or name
Dutch Oven Helper Charcoal calculator
Dutch Oven Pocket Guide Mainly reference and recipes
Gaia GPS Hiking GPS, expensive ($19) but rated well, offline maps
Geocaching (Intro and Pro versions) Finds nearby cache locations
MotionX GPS Download/save offline topographical maps, iPad version
Munzee Scavenger Hunt Outdoor scavenger hunt, can create your own locations
MyRadar Weather (and Pro) Animated weather radar near your location
Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder List nearest national, state parks w/activities
Texas Outdoor Annual Hunting/fishing seasons, license requirements, can purchase licenses within app
Spyglass Outdoor toolkit – gyrocompass milspec compass, etc.
Weather Bug Weather forecasts
Yahoo Weather Weather forecasts
Army Survival Outdoor toolkit – gyrocompass milspec compass, etc.
Emergency Beacon Transmit GPS coordinates & help message via SMS, e-­‐mail
Red Cross First Aid First Aid guide with videos and quizzes
SAS Survival Based on best-­‐selling book, $5.99. Lite version available
Knot Guide (free and paid) 100+ knots
Knots 3D Digitally tie, untie & rotate 90+ knots
What Knot To Do Knots, from Columbia clothing
Knots Guide Knots
Audubon Bird Identify birds you see or hear, 821 species and 3,200 images
Audubon Texas Nature Mobile field guide for fish, mammals, insects, butterflies, spidders, reptiles, etc
Audubon Trees Identify trees with database of 700+
LeafSnap Identify tree, includes visual recognition software, iPad version
Star Walk Augmented reality feature to label what you’re looking at, $2.99
Night Sky ID stars, planets, galaxies, constellations – free version available
BragVest (and Pro) Achievement tracker for Cubs
EZ Pinewood Prep instructions for wheel, axel, block, etc
Pinecar Calculator Find center of gravity, calculate amount of weight needed
Morse-­‐It Morse code
Scouting Radio Access internet radio broadcast of Scouting-­‐specific material
Scoutmaster CG Access videos, blogs and podcasts for scoutmasters
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